čtvrtek 12. února 2015

8. My Cultural Life

- culture vs. sport
- cultural facilities in your town
- cinema
- theatre
- books and literature
- TV and films
- other

Do you like going to cinema?
When you last went to cinema, who did you go with?
What is the best film you have ever seen iun the cinema on on TV?
Have you ever seen a film more then once?
Are Amerixcan films more popular with young people than Czech films?
What kind of music do you like?
Can music influence your clothes and hairstyle/your lifestyle?
Are there enough cultural eventsa in your town?
Have you ever been to a concert/museum/library?
Could you live without books”films¨/music?
In your opiunion, will people stoop reading traditional books in the future?

Do you do any sport?
Which sport do you enjoy/hate watchin on TV?
What were your PE lessons like?
Would you like to be a famous sportsperson?
Can sport be dangerous?

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